This is the first single from Stonedrifter and is available to download

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2018                                             Location

20. March                                      Musik & Frieden (Support for EAU ROUGE), 
2.  June                                          Campusfest 2018 HNE, Eberswalde
15 &16 June                                   TEK Messe Festival, Hannover
21. June                                          Fete de la Musique , Berlin

27. July                                          Kulturpalast, Hannover

From a dark and grey dominated neighbourhood, concrete towers smothered in steam rise like gods over blackened competing architecture, a bleached white beacon stands contrast to its surrounding backdrop humming with vibrations as Gary Ferguson (Vocals) Alex Moore (Guitar) Iian (Drums) & Kylo Black (Bass) chew through tracks and define their sound. A blend of Alternative British Pop fuels the fire as boiling water spills over to soak the hard wearing carpets already worn through.  Stonedrifter occupy their mysterious studio Peace Island, here they live and grow together breathing inspiration and sharing soup bowls. After freezing nights sleeping with the stones, heavy breathing and cold sweats the band stepped out to release their debut single & video ''CITY OF HOPE'' on the 9th of December 2016, followed by a hands in the air single release party at the hard hitting Sage Club Berlin. The band then retreated back to neon lit noisy rooms wide eyed and ready to work absorbed in cables, chaos and miracles.


                                                                                            Photographer Felix Groteloh 


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